Learn by giving feedback

Peergrade is an online platform to facilitate peer feedback sessions with students

How does it work?

  • The teacher sets up an assignment

    You start by setting up your assignment. You pick a feedback rubric from our library or create your own, select an assignment template and you're ready to get started.

  • Students submit their work

    Students submit their work to your assignment. They can submit anything – text, files, videos, links and even Google docs!

  • Students review each other

    Your students give each other anonymous feedback through your rubric.

  • Students engage with their feedback

    Students receive feedback from their peers, they react, discuss and engage with their feedback.

  • The teacher has a complete overview

    You get the complete overview of everything that is happening in the assignment.

What people are saying

  • Willard Volding

    English Teacher

    Strake Jesuit College

    Peergrade is the best thing to happen to writing in a long, long time. With a well-designed rubric, I can teach students to become editors themselves.

  • Chris Cole

    Educational Technology Coordinator

    Strake Jesuit College

    Teaches Theology

    I know that was an effective way to use Peergrade because the next day we came in and I had a group of questions and kids were participating like they have never done before.

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  • Morten Taboe Nybor

    Assistant Professor

    University of Copenhagen

    Course with 236 students

    The students receive more and better feedback on their assignments. Additionally, they can learn a lot from reading and providing feedback on others' assignments, and it becomes easier to self-assess how to improve the quality of their own assignments.

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  • Amber Walraven

    Assistant Professor

    Radboud Graduate School of Education

    Course on Teacher Training

    It is a good way for students to become familiar with the criteria, providing feedback sharpens their thinking, it's useful for both receivers and givers of feedback and it's good for learning together. And, it also saves me time!

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  • Jennifer Boyle


    Denver Center for International Studies

    Teaches Social Studies

    I feel like I can give good feedback, but I often find that students can give each other even more targeted and better feedback because they’re in the middle of this process as well.

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Built on academic research

Peergrade is not just a tool that can provide you with insights into your students’ performance and save you time. It also creates a much better learning experience for your students. Don’t believe us? There’s a bunch of studies that actually proves that it can increase learning up to 30%!

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Used by thousands of schools and universities

  • Byron Public Schools

  • Strake Jesuit

  • Boston University

  • Tecnológico de Monterrey


  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology